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How to Import TSheets Into QuickBooks

2020-03-10 | by Gene B. Reynolds, CPA

For companies in manufacturing, fabrication, automotive, and similar industries, one of the primary benefits of using QuickBooks Online is improving your time tracking system.

Instead of relying on manual time entries and paper recordkeeping, QuickBooks make it easy to import timesheets and create automatic processes around time tracking through TSheets. This system ensures more accuracy and reliability, especially when processing payroll.

For companies looking to migrate from manual-entry processes to automated processes for time tracking, consider the benefits of importing TSheets into QuickBooks.

Why Utilize TSheets for QuickBooks?

TSheets is a timesheet tracking system that can integrate with QuickBooks Online (QBO). This system includes very helpful basic features, including:

  • Time tracking across multiple devices
  • Integration with payroll processing systems
  • Records of billable time
  • Send accurate invoices

TSheets also features advanced options such as biometric employee time in and time out punches, which is automatically recorded into QBO. This feature helps companies advance from error-prone manual time entries or a punch card system to more accurate recording.

Overall, the basic and advanced features help increase efficiency when processing payroll, especially for companies that run payroll on a weekly basis.

The accuracy of data entry into QBO and seamless payroll processing saves tremendous time, effort, and cost compared to the typical timesheet and payroll processing system.

What Are the Steps to Import TSheets Into QBO?

Consider these five important steps to complete the process of importing TSheets into QuickBooks Online so that you can begin utilizing this system.

1. Sign up for TSheets. This will allow you to download and access TSheets on your device.

2. Set up your company profile and information in TSheets (customers, jobs, employees, service items, etc).

3. In TSheets, find the QuickBooks Online Integration option and select Connect to QuickBooks.

4. Once TSheets is connected to QBO, select the options for what company information you want to sync.

5. Map payroll using the QuickBooks Online for Payroll option in the QuickBooks Online Integration Preferences.

When syncing TSheets and QBO with Payroll, make sure the correct information is mapped to the correct payroll category.

For more specific details on each step for import, integration, and sync, view this step-by-step guide from QuickBooks.

Next Step: Ensure Accuracy of Records in TSheets

As part of the migration from manual processes to an automated system, we recommend setting strong internal controls to ensure that recorded information is accurate and not subject to fraudulent activity.

These are the actions we recommend taking when implementing internal controls:

– Create individual user accounts for each employee so that you can track activity on an individual basis.

– Set permissions to appropriate personnel to ensure that no fraudulent entries or time tampering can occur without proper authorization and oversight.

– Implement an automated time tracking system at your facility, shop, or other location where employees punch in and punch out. Feels like these two can be merged in to one. Keeping them separate to me makes it a bit confusing or just not as strong. I would like to emphasize that biometrics is very important and one of the stronger controls you can have on a automated system unlike say a punch card system or something older.

– Ensure the automated time tracking system includes a unique identifier such as a fingerprint scan or other biometric scan (which links to the advanced features in TSheets referenced above).

Utilizing an automatic time tracking system will help prevent situations such as time recorded for an employee who is not actively present at the job site.

Our CPA Firm Can Support TSheets and QBO Integration

Reynolds & Associates works closely with small-to-medium size (SMB) businesses to support QuickBooks functionality such as TSheets and payroll processing.

– Pre-Implementation: Our team can walk you through the integration process, review best practices using TSheets in QuickBooks, and review the details of each situations pertaining to your specific line of business.

– Live Implementation: Once the system is up and running, we will help ensure proper integration and we will work with your team to provide training on how to use the system.

– Post-Implementation: We will consult with your team on existing use of the software, help with any software updates, and work together to determine whether TSheets is a good fit once you have used the software for a period of time.

When you’re ready to migrate from manual to automatic time tracking and payroll processes, consider TSheets for QBO.

Contact our CPA firm today to discuss the software and how to import TSheets into QuickBooks. We are a QuickBooks ProAdvisor that is ready to provide support for your specific needs!

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